Medical Entomology and vector control

The department includes six lecturers, two technicians and three lab. Assistants participating in research and teaching . the activities focused on medically important insects ecology, biology, taxonomy, molecular biology and insecticide resistance studies About 200 students are graduated from master program and 8 PhD students are completing their studies. The department include An insectary for insect rearing and an insect museum which contains old specimens since 1930es and new specimens collected by the students and technical staff.

- • To provide teaching and appropriate instruction in all aspects of medical entomology to post-graduate students
- • Human resource development through conducting training courses and workshops
- • To provide technical assistance to identify, incriminate and control disease vectors
- • To undertake research related to medical entomology in the country


"Looking for excellence in medical entomology education, training, research and innovation to facilitate in disease control and promote population life."

Medical Entomology and vector control


"To provide accurate, and effective educational programs and resources in entomology to students, researchers, public health personnel's to serve community in the most excellent manner"

Medical Entomology and vector control

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