Gezira Mycetoma Center GMC

Established (2012) in collaboration with the Gezira state ministry of health, federal ministry of health, ministry of social welfare and health insurance corporation

- 1. Capacity building in the control and treatment of Almaysotoma
- 2. provide medical care for patients with mycetoma
- 3. Support national efforts and the efforts of the state of the island to combat Almastomo design and dissemination of control in partnership with the relevant authorities Strategies
- 4. conduct scientific research in various aspects of the problem mycetoma


"The center is dedicated to the continuing discovery and development of scientific knowledge and clinical skills applied to the care of Mycetoma patients."

Gezira Mycetoma Center GMC


"To eradicate Mycetoma, as a life-mutilating disease, through the advancement of medical care, research, education and disease prevention."

Gezira Mycetoma Center GMC

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