Quality Control Department

The Quality Control (QC) Unit was established on 2011 based on the university senate recommendation, the QC aimed to control the educational, research, community services, and consultation process in faculties and research institutes to apply the university objectives. The BNNICD established his own unit since then and to develop and improve the QC; the institute utilizes national and regional experts. The African Society for Laboratory Medical (ASLM) visited the institute to help in establishing the QCS in BNNICD laboratories to improve the work through staff training and get the ISO accreditation.

- • Continuous improvement
- • Develop the BNNICD performance
- • To know the faults and repair it
- • Exchange experience with national and regional institutions and organizations
- • Obtain the international accreditation


"We seek the highest levels of excellence and sustainability in the areas of teaching, scientific research and community service and build a renewed standards of academic and institutional quality"

Quality Control Department


" preparing and qualifying students and graduates distinct ethically and professionally in multiple areas in the community.  increasing the numbers and areas of basic and applied research of innovative and quality in all areas to meet the community needs.  provide outstanding service to the community in all its forms of application projects, training or consulting"

Quality Control Department

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