About the Institute

BNNICD offers postgraduate programmes leading to University of Gezira High Diploma, Master and PhD awards, together with a variety of the institute’s own diplomas, certificates and certificates for successful completion of short courses. Education and training programmes address different aspects of Communicable Diseases, such as leadership and management, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, case management, control and prevention, early preparedness and rapid response to epidemics, biostatistics, research methods, ethics and research management. BNNICD’s affiliation to UOG, a worldwide leader in community – oriented education renders its certificates to be accredited by ministry of higher education and ensures delivery of its programmes by highly experienced academics, researchers and professionals


To be a centre of excellence, for training and research in the control of communicable diseases, for national, regional and international health professionals


To reduce the impact of communicable diseases by research and training of health and other personnel

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